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Pulley V Grooving Tools (GPV) - Q type - 4 cutting edges on One end
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≡≡ Insert Introductions ≡≡

' Q ' series pulley grooving insert is a pulley V-grooves cutting insert
with (4) FOUR cutting edges on 1 end.

Researching and developed by SCT, the brand new automotive belt pulley grooving inserts are receiving good reputation among our worldwide customers: 
•  These inserts are made by solid carbide materials.
•  Inserts are especially designed and produced for cutting V grooves in automobile belt pulleys.
•  Support to ‘make ONE-TIME cutting’ for precise machining of V grooves in pulleys.
•  Greatly improve belt pulleys’ machining accuracy and surface roughness.
•  Largely help reduce time in changing of different inserts.
•  Exponentially shorten the machining time on pulleys have multiple V grooves.
•  Make large progress of working efficiency and on product quality.

  ≡≡ Insert Family Members ≡≡

  1)  V type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with ONE cutting edge on TWO ends
  2)  M type  →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with ONE cutting edge on TWO ends
  3)  L type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with TWO cutting edge on TWO ends
  4)  T type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with THREE cutting edge on ONE end
  5)  Q type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with FOUR cutting edge on ONE end
  6)  X type   →  Custom-made type  →  Cutting belt pulley V-grooves on customer requests

 ≡≡  Workpiece Materials ≡≡

  # (B00)  →  Machining workpiece made in aluminum alloy or bronze alloy.
# (B09)  →  Machining workpiece made in ductile cast iron.
  # (B20)  →  Machining workpiece made in free cutting steel.
# (H10)  →  Machining workpiece made in stainless steel.                                              

≡≡  Tool-holder ≡≡

Pairing with SCT 's pulley grooving inserts, our tool-holders are made by 42CrMo. SCT suggest all our custoemr to use our tool-holder to pair our inserts. That not only help promote grooving efficiency and grooving precision, but also help extend inserts' working life. Below is the production process:

42CrMo Forging → Tempering → Rough Processing → Quenching → Fine Machining  → Surface Blackening. 

When pairing pulley grooving insert with its tool-holder, please ask SCT sales team for suggestions. 

    ≡≡  Custom-Made Inserts ≡≡

SCT are providing our worldwide customers with insert-copying, new insert-engineering services. Making satisfied inserts and their tool-holders on our customer's request are our pursuit ! 
GPV Grooving Inserts with FOUR (4) cutting edges on ONE (1) end
Insert Type Shape Tooth / Teeth    Performances 
Q   4

 - High effeciency of machining, more suitable for high precision machining.
 - SCT can design and produce inserts with diiferent edges depend on customers demands.

Part Numbers Insert Number 
of Teeth
Dimensions (mm)
Y H C X L T R1 R2
PDLTN220614-40356R40R30 1 4 40° 3.54 12.7 3.56 18.55 3.65 0.4 0.3
PDLTN160514-40234R20R30 1 4 40° 2.25 9.525 2.34 13.79 3.65 0.2 0.3
  * Other sizes are supplied on request. Please send email to for further conversation.
Part Number Number 
of Teeth
Dimensions (mm) 
A B L H X Thread
MPDLTN4-403562525M15 4 25 25 150 25 3.56 M15
MPDLTN4-402342525M12 4 25 25 150 25 3.56 M12

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