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Pulley V Grooving Tools (GPV) - X type - 4 and More cutting edges
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        Original belt pulley grooving insert make on request en no watermark
V insert   M insert   L insert   T insert   Custom-made insert
As a metallic PULLEY GROOVING EXPERT, Sepcial Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. not only provides our customers with standard pulley grooving inserts - V-inserts, M-inserts, L-inserts, T-inserts and newly developed VERTICAL-inserts, but also with custom-made V-grooves cutting inserts and their tool-holders on customers' requests. 
 SCT newly developed Vertical cutting inserts for automotive pulleys and motor pulleys
For years, we are successfully designing, developing and makeing inserts for worldwide metal pulley makers. SCT successfully help those motor and vechicle metallic pulley makers saving machining times, decreasing machining costs and finally promoting cutting efficiency. 

SCT would like to share our experiences and technologies with you ! Your
inquiry is highly welcome !


  Our top quality of standard Inserts includes Turning, Milling, Threading, Grooving, and Drilling inserts made by materials of Carbide, Cermets, Ceramic,CBN, PCD, HSS...etc. All cutting inserts will be ground to industry standards or ground to customer's print. OEM is highly welcome !
   ≡ Copying Inserts & Custom-Made Inserts

Our special inserts (to print, special widths, special radius) includes:

 • Copying service of cutting inserts from well-known industry-leading manufacturers workdwide, such as Kennametal, Walter Tools, Mitsubishi Carbide Materials,Kyocera Cutting Tools, Sumitomo Cutting Tools, Nine9 Cutting Tools, USA tools makers...etc;
 • Copying inserts in accordance to customer drawings or samples;
 • Limitless grade and style selection;
 • Custom grinding to your specifications with the potential for altering the process to give customers the optimum tool for their application;
 • Wide range of options for coatings available.

   ≡ Engineering / Designing inserts accroding to customers' needs

 ≡ 24 Hours online Services 

Special Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. (SCT) 
Contact: SCT sales team
Telephone: 0086 28 8625 0130

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