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Pulley V Grooving Tools (GPV) - T pulley grooving insert - 3 edges
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≡≡ Insert Introductions ≡≡

' T ' series pulley grooving insert is a pulley V-grooves cutting insert with 3 cutting edges and more cutting edges, which largely help promote grooving efficiency, saving time and costs. 
Researching and developed by SCT, the brand new automotive belt pulley grooving inserts are receiving good reputation among our worldwide customers: 
•  These inserts are made by solid carbide materials.
•  Inserts are especially designed and produced for cutting V grooves in automobile belt pulleys.
•  Support to ‘make ONE-TIME cutting’ for precise machining of V grooves in pulleys.
•  Greatly improve belt pulleys’ machining accuracy and surface roughness.
•  Largely help reduce time in changing of different inserts.
•  Exponentially shorten the machining time on pulleys have multiple V grooves.
•  Make large progress of working efficiency and on product quality.

  ≡≡ Insert Family Members ≡≡

  1)  V type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with ONE cutting edge
  2)  M type  →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with ONE cutting edge
  3)  L type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with TWO cutting edge
  4)  T type   →  Cutting belt pulley V grooves with THREE & MORE cutting edge
  5)  Custom-made type  →  Cutting belt pulley V-grooves on customer requests

   ≡≡  Insert Materials & Pulley Materials ≡≡

  1) B20  →  Machining of Free Cutting Steel Pulleys.
  2) B09  →  Machining of Grey Cast Iron Pulleys.
  3) B00 →  Machining of Aluminum Pulleys & Cast Bronze Pulleys.                                              

≡≡  Tool-holder ≡≡

Pairing with SCT 's pulley grooving inserts, our tool-holders are made by 42CrMo. SCT suggest all our custoemr to use our tool-holder to pair our inserts. That not only help promote grooving efficiency and grooving precision, but also help extend inserts' working life. Below is the production process:

42CrMo Forging → Tempering → Rough Processing → Quenching → Fine Machining  → Surface Blackening. 

When pairing pulley grooving insert with its tool-holder, please ask SCT sales team for suggestions. 

    ≡≡  Custom-Made Inserts ≡≡

SCT are providing our worldwide customers with insert-copying, new insert-engineering services. Making satisfied inserts and their tool-holders on our customer's request are our pursuit ! 


≡≡  Request For Quote ≡≡  

Welcome inquiry us ! Please call us or e-mail to us by the following ways: 

0086 28 8625 0130 



 How to Order: 
  •  Ordering Insert
     Example 1 :   T - type, Pulley Grooving Insert, THREE cutting edge PDLTN080412-40356 R40R30(B09)
      PDLTN080412-40356 R40R30(B09) insert for grooving of CAST IRON PULLEY.
  Example 2 :   T - type, Pulley Grooving Insert, THREE cutting edge PDLTN120513-40356 R40R30(B20)
       PDLMN04041-40356(B20) insert for grooving of FREE CUTTING STEEL PULLEY.
  Example 3 :   T - type, Pulley Grooving Insert, THREE cutting edge PDLTN120513-40356 R40R30(B00)
       PDLTN120513-40356 R40R30(B00) insert for grooving of ALUMINUM PULLEY & CASTING BRONZE PULLEY.
   Ordering Tool-Holder
  Example 1 :   TN type tool-holder → MPDLTN2-403562525M08


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PDLTN080412-40356 R40R30,PDLTN120513-40356 R40R30,PDLTN150614-40356 R40R30,PDLTN190715-40356 R40R30,PDLTN210816-40356 R40R30,PDLTN080413-40234 R20R30,PDLTN120514-40234 R20R30,PDLTN150615-40234 R20R30,PDLTN150616-40234 R20R30,
iscar,iscar tools,GPV 3-2.34-1,GPV 4-3.56-1,GPV 8-2.34-3,GPV 14-2.34-4,GPV 14-3.56-3,GPV 17-3.56-4


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