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Pulley V Grooving Tools (GPV) - M12 series - 1 tooth each on 2 ends
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" M12 " series pulley grooving insert is a pulley V-grooves cutting insert with 1 tooth each on its 2 ends.
It is especially using for grooving deeper position of pulleys
and avoid the machining interference. 


  Researching and developed by SCT, the brand new automotive belt pulley grooving inserts are receiving good reputation among our worldwide customers: 
   •  These inserts are made by solid carbide materials.
•  Inserts are especially designed and produced for cutting V grooves in belt pulleys.
•  ONE-TIME cutting for precise machining of V grooves in pulleys.
•  Greatly improve belt pulleys’ machining accuracy and surface roughness.
•  Largely help reduce time in changing of different inserts.
•  Exponentially shorten the machining time on pulleys have multiple V grooves.
•  Make large progress of working efficiency and on product quality.


Insert Type Shape Tooth / Ends    Performances 
M12 1/2
 - M12 series inserts have advantage of small cutting force.
- This insert avoids machining interference when making deeper grooves.
- Tool-houlder is universal and is general type for all CNC inserts.

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